Positive Thinking.

I heard an interesting insight from Rick Warren the other day: “it is *impossible* to feel bitter and grateful at the same time”.

You can feel sad and confused at the same time. You can feel happy and excited at the same time.  But you can’t feel bitter and gratefully the same time.

Bitterness says, “It’s not the way *I* think it should be”. If I am grateful, I realize it’s not ABOUT ME. It’s about how much somebody ELSE loves me.

The more I think about others and the less I think about my interests, the more loving and grateful I become. Conversely, the more time I spend with my interests in mind, the less loving and more bitter I become.

(Phil 4:8,9) No more stinkin’ thinkin’! :-)

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The Washington Adventure!

A new adventure in faith has turned my life upside down. It all started back in November of 2011. I had been working out early in the mornings (surprised?  me too!. Anyway after working out, I got into this great routine.  I’d go to this nice, quiet place in the gym and spend some time reading my bible and praying.  I was really feeling connected.   One morning, I had remembered a prayer that my friend Terry like to use: God, please tell me what is “the Next Right Thing to do”.  This, my friends, is a dangerous prayer.  But that morning, I said, “God you just tell me what is the Next Right Thing to do for you, I will do it.”  So that morning, was my prayer that morning.

Now folks, Lily Tomlin has this great line:
“Why is it that when we talk to God, we are ‘praying’,
but when HE talks to us, we’re schizophrenic?”

Well, at the risk of sounding schizophrenic, I think God talked to me.  I think He said, Continue reading

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Seven year anniversary

Today, I’m celebrating an anniversary of sorts.  Seven years ago today, I started a blog because had just been diagnosed with the “incurable” disease of Follicular B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  I wanted to let my friends and family know what was going on and my feelings.  That blog was on Blogger.  I moved it to my site and you can still read it, but because the entries are in date descending order, it is a little difficult to read.  So I spent some time and rearranged the text and put it in story-form.  I have saved it in a pdf that you can read:  Dick Donohue – My Lymphoma Story.pdf  I try to re-read my own story every year because it helps me to realize what an incredible move of God I was experiencing.

Today, I am still cancer-free, due to the grace of God and the prayers of friends and family.  So once again, I say thank you to God because I know that only God can cure incurable forms of cancer.  And I say thank you to all the friends and family that prayed for me – you know who you are.  I owe the last seven years of my life, in part, to you.

God bless us, every one.

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The 5 “Why”s

One of the great things that I learned from working with a Japanese company is an apparently ancient technique for finding the root cause of a problem. They call it “The 5 Whys”.

The basic premise is

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Be a leaf

red_leafWho doesn’t love seeing the beauty of the leaves changing color in Autumn?  It always makes me reflect on why God would go to the trouble of making leaves so pretty before they die. I mean, it seems like it would have been easier to just drop the leaves without changing color; or maybe just take all the color out if them: let the leaves turn gray or black as death and let them drop to the ground.

But I think God chose to make Autumn beautiful on purpose. Continue reading

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