The PET Scan – Good News

From the biopsy last week, I learned that the little red mark on my head is, indeed, the return of my Follicular B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It had been in remission for 16 years. But now it’s back. Yesterday (Dec 14), I underwent a PET scan. Now, a PET scan has nothing to do with dogs, cats, or gerbils. It is a type of scan similar to an MRI or CT scan (aka “cat scan”). It just uses a different technology. The purpose of the PET scan was to try to determine where else, in my body, this cancer is living, so they did a full-body scan. The whole process took about 90 minutes.

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It’s Baaack!

On December 1, 2004, my life was forever changed by a diagnosis of 4th stage Follicular B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A couple of harrowing months later, I was “in remission” (no sign of cancer in my body). For sixteen years, I have always attributed that success to the many prayers of friends, family, and strangers; a great oncologist who prescribed an amazing drug called Rituxin; and the amazing grace of my Lord and Saviour who (for reasons unknown to me) loves me way more than I deserve.

For a disease that is measured by “5-year survival rate”, sixteen years of remission is pretty darn good. I have been blessed indeed.

Sixteen years ago, they did say that my form of cancer was not curable. They said that they it would return someday. Well, I guess “someday” is today.

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How I Stopped Being Angry All the Time

One of the best “life lessons” I’ve ever learned came out of my divorce in 1996.  Back then, I was angry a lot!  I was told that it was a primary reason that my wife left me.  She thought it was just a matter of time before my anger turned into physical abuse.  Now, that would have never happened.  But looking back, I can see why she felt that way.  I made her fearful; and fear is fear, whether I think the reasons for it are rational or not.

Now Anger is not necessarily a bad thing. Even Jesus got angry when he flipped over the tables of the money-changers in the temple  (Matthew 21:12-13).  But His was a purposeful, meaningful anger; and more importantly, He knew exactly what he was doing.  Me?  I was out of control.   When I say I was angry, I don’t mean just being a little grouchy or ornery.  I certainly didn’t have a righteous anger like Jesus.  No, I was out-of-control, yelling at the top of my lungs, stomping around, pounding the table, and breaking things angry.  I was like this on a very regular basis (especially at home).  That kind of anger (was) is a problem.  And it usually ended with me coming back later feeling shame or guilt.

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The Washington Adventure!

A new adventure in faith has turned my life upside down. It all started back in November of 2011. I had been working out early in the mornings (surprised?  me too!) Anyway, after working out, I got into this great routine:  I’d find this nice, quiet place in the gym and spend some time reading my bible and praying.  I was really feeling connected to God.   One morning, I had remembered a prayer that my friend Terry likes to use:  “God, please tell me what is the Next Right Thing to do”.  Now this, my friends… is a dangerous prayer.  But that morning, that was my prayer.  I said, “God you just tell me what is the Next Right Thing to do for you, and I will do it.”

Now folks, Lily Tomlin has this great line:
“Why is it that when we talk to God, they say call that  ‘praying’,
but when God talks to us, they call us schizophrenic?”

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The real joy of kite-flying

kiteI think that God is constantly trying talk to us.  I think that He wants to guide us.  The tough part is finding time alone where life is quiet enough to hear him.  One of the more successful ways for me to do that is to go fly a kite. I really enjoy flying kites.  The kites I fly are “stunt kites” which basically means that they have two lines instead of one.  That means that you can make them do loop-de-loops, dives, and all kinds of fun maneuvers.  The bottom line is that you have a lot more control over the kite. And — I’ll admit it — I have control issues.    Today, I had the day to myself and nobody to remind me of all my responsibilities and grown-up issues.  So I took the time to go fly my kite.  And I think God used that time to talk to me…

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